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"Attic Restoration"

REASONS TO INSULATE Florida home maintenance

  • Lower Your Energy Bill

  • Make Your Home More Comfortable

  • Breathe Cleaner Air

  • Fix Warmer/Hot Rooms

  • Reduce Sound Attenuation

  • Stop Air Leaks from Attic

  • Better the Health of Your Family

  • Attic Odor Elimination


The average cost to insulate an attic is between $1 and $7 per square foot. This equates to a typical price range of up to $1,500 per project including labor and materials. This pricing is only for insulation this excludes sanitization and deodorization.

R30: $1.40 per sqft
$1.90 per sqft
Radiant Barrier:
$2.10 per sqft

Your Utility Rebates

Lakeland Electric offers a $300 rebate


Duke Energy offers up to $200 rebate


Tampa Electric offers up to $0.15 per square foot of insulation installed.

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